The School of Minerals Processing and Bioengineering is an international leader in the mineral processing field and has an excellent reputation which is one of the oldest departments at Central South University (CSU).

The School conducts 4 undergraduate teaching in the disciplines of minerals processing engineering, inorganic nonmetallic materials engineering, bioengineering and biotechnology. The postgraduate programs are available in 7 growing fields including minerals processing engineering, ferrous metallurgy, materials science, mineral materials, regenerated materials engineering, microbiology and bioengineering. Mineral engineering is the key state first level discipline. Up to July 2018, the number of undergraduates and postgraduates exceeds 1400.

The School always put the talent cultivation in the first place, and improve the quality of cultivation continuously. The cultivation of undergraduate and postgraduate has achieved the excellent level of national teaching evaluation.More than 4,000 high-level professional personnel and a large amount of young and middle aged scholars have been nurtured in the last decade, with 3 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, 12 Hunan Provincial Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, 1 National Teaching Team, 2 National Excellent Courses, 1 National Teaching and Experiment Centre, 1 National Teaching Achievement Prize, 4 provincial and ministerial level Teaching Achievement Prizes.

Several famous laboratories have been established, including Ministry of Education and Hunan Key Laboratory of Biological Metallurgy, Human Engineering Centre of Iron and Steel Sintering and Pelletizing. The National Engineering Laboratory of Clean and Effective Conversion of Refractory Nonferrous Metals building together with School of Metallurgy, is the affiliate institute of International Metallurgical Institute.

The School of Mineral Processing and Bioengineering boasts a team of highly qualified faculty consisting of distinguished professors who are strong at both teaching and research. Currently, the number of staff is 111, including 85 full-time teachers.Over decades of endeavour, a high level echelon was established by the academic leaders Professor Dianzuo Wang (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering), Professor Guanzhou Qiu (academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) and Professor Yuehua Hu (The Yangtze River Scholar). In the teaching staff, there are 2 chief scientists of National Project “973”, 1 national outstanding teacher, 4 chair professors of “Cheung Kong Scholar”, 5 winners of National and Oversea Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 3 leading talents of “Ten Thousand People Plan”, 5 national candidates for New Century Talents Project, 10 New Century Outstanding Talents from Ministry of Education. The biological metallurgy team has been approved as Innovation Group by Natural Science Foundation of China. The Interfacial science team in minerals processing are granted as Innovation Research Team by China Ministry of Education.

In the recent decade, based on the national economy development, the School has carried out the technical innovation and tackled key problems, with more than 80 provincial and ministerial level major scientific projects. More than 60 national and provincial and ministerial prizes have been obtained, with 2 First Prizes and 6 Accessits in National Science and Technology Progress, 2 State Technological Invention Awards, 2 Awards of Advances Science and Technolgoy in Chinese tertiary institutions. 30 academic monographs have been published, including 2 foreign original work, more than 1500 academic publications.

The international academic communications are active here. In the recent years, more than 40 leading experts have come to present lectures and cooperative study, like professor James M.Tiedje (Chairman of American Microorganism Society and member of AAS), Jan D.Miller(NAE member). At the same time, more than 50 staff and postgraduates has been abroad for advanced studies and exchange. 19thBiohydrometallugy Symposium and 1st Chinese Minerals Processing Conference in 2017 were successfully held by School of Minerals Processing and Bioengineering.  It has also participated in holding more than 10 international academic conference, including XXVII International Mineral Processing Congress, 4thInternational Environment Microbiology Gene Group Congress,139th-142thInternationalSymposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing (TMS Annually Meeting), et al.

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